Kogebogeriet means The Cookbookery. We are Copenhagen’s first and only bookstore dedicated solely to cookbooks. We carry a wide selection of great Danish and international cookbooks, carefully curated to inspire you.

In our café you can enjoy fairtrade coffee, homebaked goods, brunch and cold drinks.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re searching for a specific cookbook, if you want to book a table, or have other questions for us. You can reach us here.

We’re open on weekdays from 9AM-5PM, saturdays 10AM-4PM. Hours may vary during holidays.


Brunch 125 kr 
Yoghurt w/ crunch, cheeses, soft-boiled egg, tuna mousse, Serrano ham, strawberry jam. Rolls w/ oats and sunflower seeds + crackers

Vegetarian brunch 125 kr
Yoghurt w/ crunch, 2 cheeses, soft-boiled egg, artichoke spread, caprese (mozzarella, parsley pesto, tomatoes), strawberry jam. Rolls w/ oats and sunflower seeds + crackers

Freshly baked rolls w/oats and sunflower seeds + crackers w.
– Two slices of cheese and strawberry jam 50 kr
– Creamy tuna mousse 60 kr
– Hot artichoke spread 60 kr

Rye bread w/ soft-boiled egg 40 kr
Organic yoghurt w/ crunch 40 kr
Croissant/pain au chocolat 20 kr
Croissant aux amandes 35 kr
New York style double baked cheesecake 45 kr
Today’s cake 40 kr
Cookie w/ almonds and chocolate 30 kr

Db. Espresso 30 kr
Cortado / flat white 34 kr
Cappucino 40 kr
Latte 40 kr
Americano 34 kr
Iced coffee 45 kr
Mocca 45 kr
Filter coffee 34 kr
Hot chocolate w. whipped cream 45 kr (+ marshmallows 5 kr)
Chai Latte 45 kr
Tea 34 kr
Juice, sodas, light beer. Selection in the bar. 25-35 kr

All coffees made with double shot espresso. Choose whole milk, semi-skim or oat drink. Ask us about special dietary needs or allergies.
Rolls and crackers are vegan.